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Dry Drayton EstateScotland Farm was purchased by the Peck family in 1950. At that time it was a classical mixed farm with sheep, pigs, poultry, beef cattle and a large dairy herd. The 20 cottages which, together the farm itself, form the hamlet of Scotland Farm were originally built to house the many staff required to milk the cows and care for the livestock. At that time much of the land was sown to grass and most of the arable crops were grown to feed the livestock.

As the economics of farming changed, the livestock enterprises were phased out by 1978; thus freeing up the farm buildings for conversion to the well-designed and practical offices and industrial units you see now.

The political, climatic and commercial demands on agriculture change constantly, and the farming at Dry Drayton Estate is continually adapted to take advantage of new opportunities and make the most of new technologies. Today the farm produces feed wheat, oilseed rape and field beans, with yields routinely among the national top ten percent. At the same time, the Peck family has always been concerned to protect and enhance the farm environment for future generations. Enormous care is taken to protect soil structures, and there has been a constant and continuing programme of hedge and tree planting.

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